The immobiliare Luciana Vola

The Immobiliare Luciana Vola is one of the most outstanding Real Estate Agencies in Italy, addressing demanding and selective customers in search of the house of their dreams. The structure is very lean, her co-workers being asked to show, beside professional skill, the ability to establish excellent relationships with the clients. The agency can, at any time, carry out specific search of properties aimed to meet particular requests, should not its proposals be in line with customers needs. A profound knowledge and reliability have been rewarded by a constantly growing turn-over and an undoubted reputation of seriousness and confidentiality has made Immobiliare Luciana Vola a reference point in the Italian real estate market.

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Our history

The Real Estate agency, Immobiliare Luciana Vola, was founded at the beginning of the years eights and from the very beginning entered the market with the obiective of becoming unique in its field, thanks to the special serveces offered to its clients. Not only a mere activity of searching, evaluating and creating contacts between property owners and potential buyers, but also to act all along as the “problem solving” person, following the client from the first meeting to the contract signature in the presence of a solicitor, taking care of red tape and tax issues, acting as a go-between with all the relevant authorities until the end of the transaction, to the satisfaction of both parties, saving them a great deal of work.

The owner Mrs. Luciana Vola, after two years of experience with a major real estate agency, passed an exam with the Turin Chamber of commerce obtaining her licence in April 1981 and in September of the same year started her own company. During the eighties, within FIMAI ( THE ITALIAN ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE AGENTS ) she was, for seven years, the only woman member of the board. When FIMAI became part of the larger organization FIMAA (FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA MEDIATORI AGENTI D’AFFARI ) she became, and still is, a member of the Borsini immobiliari committee which has the responsibility of establishing, every six months, market prices on the basis of all the transactions that took place in the previous semester.